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Heavy Duty Commercial & Industrial Fans
Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and commercial fans that include: pedestal, wall & ceiling fans, I-beam and c channel fans, industrial floor fans, bench fans and the Smart Air Circulator. Our heavy duty fans are considered the automotive and heavy industry standard. Since 1958, Jan Fan has been manufacturing industrial and commercial fans that are extremely energy efficient and built to last. Each of our fans comes with a standard 5 year warranty.

The Industrial Fans Leader for more than 50 Years

The industrial fans manufactured by Jan Fan produce the lowest wattage of any commercial or industrial fans on the market.
Most Energy Efficient Industrial Fans on the Market:
The lowest wattage of any industrial fans on the market are made by Jan Fan. While their industrial fans are among the most powerful on the market, the high quality energy efficient ball bearing motors are manufactured to reduce your operating costs in several ways. More >>>
Smart Air Circulator turns fans OFF
The Smart Air Circulator
Jan Fan has developed NEW Energy Saving Technology for industrial & commercial fans which turn fans off when they are not in use... More >>
Manufacturer of the finest industrial & commercial fans
Mobile Fans - Industrial and Commercial Fans adjust to various angles
The New Mobile Fan:
Industrial fans that can be moved around and adjusted to various angles. This new fan system was created by Jan Fan to address the concerns... More >>>
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Manufacturer of Industrial Fans for More than 50 Years

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