Home: Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and commercial fans that include: pedestal, wall & ceiling fans, I-beam / c-channel fans, industrial floor fans, bench fans and the energy saving module.

Industrial Fan Manufacturers: Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans that include: heavy duty pedestal fans, mounted fans, shop fans, floor fans, and mobile fans.

Contact Us: Jan Fan is a manufacturer of yellow heavy duty industrial fans and air circulators. Please contact Jan Fan for industrial fan inquiries.

Pedestal Fans: The industrial pedestal fans manufactured by Jan Fan are superior fans for moving large volumes of air and are extremely energy efficient.

Mounted Fans:  The wall mounted fans and ceiling mounted fans manufactured by Jan Fan are available in 3 sizes: 20″, 24″ and 30″.

Floor Fans: Known as the automotive and heavy industry standard, our floor fans are the most energy efficient, maintenance free, air circulators in the industry.

Mobile Fans: Jan Fan has recently introduced its new mobile fan that can be moved around and adjusted to various angles.

Shop / Workstation Fans: Jan Fan’s heavy duty air circulators are commonly used as shop fans and garage fans to cool both small and large areas.

Industrial Air Circulators: Industrial air circulators help keep the air moving in order to minimize long-term exposure to contaminants that can cause illness and discomfort.

Warehouse Fans Our industrial warehouse fans generate various benefits that could potentially save thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars over time.

Energy Efficient Industrial Fans: The lowest wattage industrial fans on the market are made by Jan Fan

Energy Saving Module: Jan Fan has now developed NEW Energy Saving Technology that takes energy savings to an all new level.

Accessories: With our fan accessories, you can customize any fan to meet your specific needs.

Complete Fans: Complete fan packages available with 12”, 20”, 24” and 30” blade sizes.

Component Parts: Build your own custom fan with completely interchangeable components.

Unique Features: Jan Fan’s heavy duty energy efficient pedestal fans and beam mounted fans have now become even more energy efficient.

Product Specifications: Test and data reports on the capabilities of Jan Fan industrial fans.

Safety Tips: Important safety and installation instructions.

Full 5-Year Warranty: Jan Fan Warranty description.