Most Energy Efficient Mobile Fans

Rugged Mobile Fan and Mobile Air Ciculator

Looking for mobile fans that are quiet, powerful, and energy efficient? Jan Fan has recently introduced its new mobile fans that can be moved around and adjusted to various angles. The fans were designed to address concerns about the bulkier type fans made by various companies that were noisy, difficult to relocate and consumed a great deal of power. These mobile fans are extremely energy efficient, yet offer a great deal more air velocity than what are commonly known as barrel type fans.

Rugged Mobile Fan

Mobile Air Circulator

The Unique Features of our Mobile Fans

• Much quieter, yet offering much more air velocity than barrel fans
• All steel construction, backed by a full 5 year warranty
• Uses standard Jan Fan heads and parts for very rapid assembly
• Center of fan is located approximately 26″ from the floor
• Extremely energy efficient, 240 watts on high speed (2.45 amps)
(ultimate energy efficiency can be realized using our patented “JF-ESM”
Energy Saving Module on this model or other Jan Fan models)